About Us

National Travel Service (NTS) is an established Travel Agent based its office in Thimphu-Bhutan. We started our business operation since7th January 2009) managed by a professional who is also a founder and has vast experiences and expertise in the field

Traveling within Bhutan

Traveling within Bhutan Despite the major hurdle posed by the inaccessible terrain, the high mountain passes, all major towns and important places of visit are connected by a good road network. However, an important feature of the road system is


Druk Yul: The Kingdom of Bhutan The Kingdom of Bhutan is known for its culture, architecture and archery, but in many ways, it has remained a mystery until half a century ago. The serene country, which is about half the

Getting to Bhutan

The way to Bhutan Till Bhutan embarked on a planned economic development in the early 1960’s, Bhutan by and large remained cut off from the rest of the world. The country was accessible only by foot. The two main entry